Ioannis – Anastasia
Ioannis – Anastasia

Ioannis – Anastasia

What was the beginning of all this? How did we find ourselves speaking to the world through a website about what happened that drastically changed our lives towards a new direction?

For some of us, it all began after meeting two people: an elderly man and a young girl, Ioannis (1921-1995) and Anastasia (1963-), who presented with a fiery heart the union that humans can attain with God and other humans. The former had already traversed for 18 years the precursory parts of his calling, up until 1981, the year that the Logos started to manifest from within him, while the next year his spiritual cooperation with Anastasia began. We belonged to the second wave of incomers, which started in the mid-1980s, at the time when gatherings were taking place in Anastasia’s house every Thursday.

Most of us came from the wake of the regime change that took place in Greece in 1974, the intense politicization, the mass demonstrations and concerts, love and revolution, musics and books; we came from the mass movements, seeking the vision of changing the world, and we also came from metaphysical pursuits, which had already started to claim a significant part of Greek youth at the time. But what we were experiencing in those Thursday gatherings looked nothing like what we had already seen in the metaphysical musings of the time.

We were not seeing here experts teaching self-improvement or how to escape from the stress of daily life, nor someone teaching peace of mind, constant self-observation or techniques that would lead towards extended awareness to other planes. Nor did we meet some people who were simply inspired.

It sufficed to see those two persons even once to understand that one was encountering something unprecedented. In the beginning, one was amazed with the vitality, the strength and the pulse of Ioannis’ words. There was something fiery in the way he addressed God or humans, in the way he taught, prayed, or shed the grace of God, in the way he expressed his union with the Logos, some times kneeling constantly for long periods.

Likewise, the Logos was flowing crystal-clear every time from Anastasia, teaching and talking about its relationship with humans. Calling in union with it, and explaining the divine plan. Analyzing the stages of the spiritual path. Talking about Ioannis and his calling. Revealing its Self not only as the Son, as was presented through Christ, but also as the Mother. And this, because the time had come for humanity to understand that the Logos was expressed also through the Virgin Mary, although this had not been revealed at that time. And always blessing the attendees with intense diffusions of light and love.

What would one who observed those two persons see and feel? We sloshed in the light and grace that were provided each time. Some experienced intense psychical uplifting, others had their spiritual sight opened, or inspiration flowed tangibly, ideas came, experience of light and love were being given. But, above all, we were absorbing the manifestation and teachings of the Logos from Ioannis and Anastasia, which would accompany and nurture us for all our lives.

Because the center and the source of all this was the Logos, who expressed itself through those two persons, for whom we’ll talk now a bit more.

Let’s start with Ioannis, who directly clothed with grace every new brother and sister and froze – i.e. he took upon his own shoulder – all those things that these brothers could not face, those that prevented them from embarking upon their spiritual path.

He was usually vibrant with a loving passion for all humanity, however his prayers for it were not simple pleadings, but vigorous diffusions of blessing, absorptions and transubstantiations of humanity’s conditions, which he did representing the Whole Human, fully identified with the Logos, and offering himself as a sacrifice.

The teachings were explaining that Ioannis passed intense training throughout the centuries, in constant incarnations, gathering elements and vibrations from all the parts of the One Human, in order to become one with humanity and to express himself as the One Human – this was the teaching of the Logos.

Ioannis, as he also said so himself, was a human being with imperfections. But this meant that the way to express the Human God had been opened up for everyone, and that everyone could become a direct disciple of the Logos as Ioannis did, Ioannis who repeated constantly that he had no disciples, and that we were all disciples of the Logos.

And the personal connection with Anastasia concerned all of us. Thus, it was customary to visit her so that she could, in unity with the Logos, shed light on our complexities and liberate us through her blessing from dead-ends, without ever thinking of her personal encumbrance from our condition.

Anastasia obviously also had full union with the Whole Human, based on her calling – which was confirmed and activated by Ioannis – to reveal the Logos through a woman. How critical this is for the human consciousness, for the balancing, the restoration of equality and the final unification of the male and female qualities within each human and in the relations between the genders, this we think is evident to all.

Simultaneously, the Mother is working relentlessly in the inner parts of the human being for its liberation and transformation and could not be absent from the struggle to change the world.


Thus, in absolute unity with Ioannis and in cooperation with the Brotherhood of Light, she performed and is still performing through Anastasia a vast Work of intervention for the liberation of humanity and of the planet, however this is not the place to present this subject more analytically.


And all the above started from the small Greek domain, with the spiritual cooperation of Ioannis and Anastasia.