If only it listened…
If only it listened…

If only it listened…

If it would be to any avail
we would call loudly the Universe to hear us,
we would call out to the Great Universe
and to the stars that flow in their orbits,
and to the golden torrents of light
that give birth to the numinous Galaxies,
we would cry out so they could hear that Earth is in pain,
Earth has become weak.
That humanity’s arteries suffer from constriction
and that love cannot pass through,
that the other becomes evermore other,
and the foreigner more foreigner,
that humans don’t heed other humans,
but only their group and their race,
their state and their nation.
That the planet is ill and its future is being played out
in the board rooms of the Great Vested Interests.
O if only we could make the Universe hear us!
It would hear millions of hearts pounding in the hope for reconciliation
and to seek truth, in a world devoid of love
and indifferent to the weak.