Serving humanity
Serving humanity

Serving humanity

It is not theological notions or ideologies but the struggle for humanity that unites us, and the acceptance of a few essential theses, which we hope will be considered self-evident. We present those here, as simply as we can:

Existence, the Absolute, the Whole, God, or however else we call it, is One.

It is love, that encompasses the Cosmos and all the beings, and resides within the Cosmos and its beings.

S/he who wishes to relate to it, is called to enter a long and arduous path of knowledge and change of the self, with the purpose of serving humanity evermore effectively.

We are all parts of the One Human who emanated from God.

Something that is truly spiritual can only be offered free of charge.

No serious spiritual group can remain one, if it ends up being a microcosm whose members believe they are “the chosen ones” and above the rest of humanity.

In the spiritual path problems are addressed through inner changes of ourselves. No promises are made for professional success, health, abundance, happiness etc. On the contrary, there is struggle and sacrifice for humanity.


Thus, like this, with no titles, we walk together with the crowds of our brothers and sisters who struggle spiritually for the whole world as simple servants of humanity, down this path in the beginning of this new cosmic period, as humble wayfarers.

Trying – not always successfully… – to be disciples of the One Existence and to express the fiery divine self that is our core, believing that spiritual struggles aim for the realization of human brotherhood/sisterhood. We believe that this is the apprenticeship in which the entire humanity is called upon.

We therefore meet internally all those of us who wish to serve this cause, as brothers and sisters, in the common ground of the One Human.

Who, united with the One God, is struggling as the Human God to change the world, through its parts that, in ever-increasing numbers in this period, yearn to offer themselves for the common good, in every part of the human endeavor.