When humans meet humans,


when through their coming together they meet God,


who is one, despite all the names attributed to it,


when forgiveness, understanding and love


penetrate into the mundane reality,


then the spiritual path begins.


The transformation takes place from within


and is externalized through the power of giving and serving.


The human being realizes its true self


and starts to experience its rebirth.

If only it listened…

If only it listened…

If it would be to any avail
we would call loudly the Universe to hear us,
we would call out to the Great Universe
and to the stars that flow in their orbits,
and to the golden torrents of light
that give birth to the numinous Galaxies,
we would cry out so they could hear that Earth is in pain,
Earth has become weak.
That humanity’s arteries suffer from constriction
and that love cannot pass through,
that the other becomes evermore other,
and the foreigner more foreigner,
that humans don’t heed other humans,
but only their group and their race,
their state and their nation.
That the planet is ill and its future is being played out
in the board rooms of the Great Vested Interests.
O if only we could make the Universe hear us!
It would hear millions of hearts pounding in the hope for reconciliation
and to seek truth, in a world devoid of love
and indifferent to the weak.



A revolution is what’s needed, a revolution in consciousness that will shape the human being in accordance to its true nature, united in its inner breath with every form of life, with every other human, with God, with the entire Universe, a pilgrim of beauty, a laborer of love, a prince of peace. A revolution that will teach humans how to act with the arms of the spirit and the functions of grace.

We salute the honest seekers of the meaning of life everywhere around the globe, those whose hearts beat with warmth for the entire world!

We salute those who know how to unite and how not to divide, who, whichever way their path takes them, know how to respect the great spiritual guides of humanity, those who struggled for its elevation in every era, in East and West!

Serving humanity

Serving humanity

It is not theological notions or ideologies but the struggle for humanity that unites us, and the acceptance of a few essential theses, which we hope will be considered self-evident. We present those here, as simply as we can:

Existence, the Absolute, the Whole, God, or however else we call it, is One.

It is love, that encompasses the Cosmos and all the beings, and resides within the Cosmos and its beings.

S/he who wishes to relate to it, is called to enter a long and arduous path of knowledge and change of the self, with the purpose of serving humanity evermore effectively.

We are all parts of the One Human who emanated from God.

Something that is truly spiritual can only be offered free of charge.

No serious spiritual group can remain one, if it ends up being a microcosm whose members believe they are “the chosen ones” and above the rest of humanity.

In the spiritual path problems are addressed through inner changes of ourselves. No promises are made for professional success, health, abundance, happiness etc. On the contrary, there is struggle and sacrifice for humanity.


Thus, like this, with no titles, we walk together with the crowds of our brothers and sisters who struggle spiritually for the whole world as simple servants of humanity, down this path in the beginning of this new cosmic period, as humble wayfarers.

Trying – not always successfully… – to be disciples of the One Existence and to express the fiery divine self that is our core, believing that spiritual struggles aim for the realization of human brotherhood/sisterhood. We believe that this is the apprenticeship in which the entire humanity is called upon.

We therefore meet internally all those of us who wish to serve this cause, as brothers and sisters, in the common ground of the One Human.

Who, united with the One God, is struggling as the Human God to change the world, through its parts that, in ever-increasing numbers in this period, yearn to offer themselves for the common good, in every part of the human endeavor.

Ioannis – Anastasia

Ioannis – Anastasia

What was the beginning of all this? How did we find ourselves speaking to the world through a website about what happened that drastically changed our lives towards a new direction?

For some of us, it all began after meeting two people: an elderly man and a young girl, Ioannis (1921-1995) and Anastasia (1963-), who presented with a fiery heart the union that humans can attain with God and other humans. The former had already traversed for 18 years the precursory parts of his calling, up until 1981, the year that the Logos started to manifest from within him, while the next year his spiritual cooperation with Anastasia began. We belonged to the second wave of incomers, which started in the mid-1980s, at the time when gatherings were taking place in Anastasia’s house every Thursday.

Most of us came from the wake of the regime change that took place in Greece in 1974, the intense politicization, the mass demonstrations and concerts, love and revolution, musics and books; we came from the mass movements, seeking the vision of changing the world, and we also came from metaphysical pursuits, which had already started to claim a significant part of Greek youth at the time. But what we were experiencing in those Thursday gatherings looked nothing like what we had already seen in the metaphysical musings of the time.

We were not seeing here experts teaching self-improvement or how to escape from the stress of daily life, nor someone teaching peace of mind, constant self-observation or techniques that would lead towards extended awareness to other planes. Nor did we meet some people who were simply inspired.

It sufficed to see those two persons even once to understand that one was encountering something unprecedented. In the beginning, one was amazed with the vitality, the strength and the pulse of Ioannis’ words. There was something fiery in the way he addressed God or humans, in the way he taught, prayed, or shed the grace of God, in the way he expressed his union with the Logos, some times kneeling constantly for long periods.

Likewise, the Logos was flowing crystal-clear every time from Anastasia, teaching and talking about its relationship with humans. Calling in union with it, and explaining the divine plan. Analyzing the stages of the spiritual path. Talking about Ioannis and his calling. Revealing its Self not only as the Son, as was presented through Christ, but also as the Mother. And this, because the time had come for humanity to understand that the Logos was expressed also through the Virgin Mary, although this had not been revealed at that time. And always blessing the attendees with intense diffusions of light and love.

What would one who observed those two persons see and feel? We sloshed in the light and grace that were provided each time. Some experienced intense psychical uplifting, others had their spiritual sight opened, or inspiration flowed tangibly, ideas came, experience of light and love were being given. But, above all, we were absorbing the manifestation and teachings of the Logos from Ioannis and Anastasia, which would accompany and nurture us for all our lives.

Because the center and the source of all this was the Logos, who expressed itself through those two persons, for whom we’ll talk now a bit more.

Let’s start with Ioannis, who directly clothed with grace every new brother and sister and froze – i.e. he took upon his own shoulder – all those things that these brothers could not face, those that prevented them from embarking upon their spiritual path.

He was usually vibrant with a loving passion for all humanity, however his prayers for it were not simple pleadings, but vigorous diffusions of blessing, absorptions and transubstantiations of humanity’s conditions, which he did representing the Whole Human, fully identified with the Logos, and offering himself as a sacrifice.

The teachings were explaining that Ioannis passed intense training throughout the centuries, in constant incarnations, gathering elements and vibrations from all the parts of the One Human, in order to become one with humanity and to express himself as the One Human – this was the teaching of the Logos.

Ioannis, as he also said so himself, was a human being with imperfections. But this meant that the way to express the Human God had been opened up for everyone, and that everyone could become a direct disciple of the Logos as Ioannis did, Ioannis who repeated constantly that he had no disciples, and that we were all disciples of the Logos.

And the personal connection with Anastasia concerned all of us. Thus, it was customary to visit her so that she could, in unity with the Logos, shed light on our complexities and liberate us through her blessing from dead-ends, without ever thinking of her personal encumbrance from our condition.

Anastasia obviously also had full union with the Whole Human, based on her calling – which was confirmed and activated by Ioannis – to reveal the Logos through a woman. How critical this is for the human consciousness, for the balancing, the restoration of equality and the final unification of the male and female qualities within each human and in the relations between the genders, this we think is evident to all.

Simultaneously, the Mother is working relentlessly in the inner parts of the human being for its liberation and transformation and could not be absent from the struggle to change the world.


Thus, in absolute unity with Ioannis and in cooperation with the Brotherhood of Light, she performed and is still performing through Anastasia a vast Work of intervention for the liberation of humanity and of the planet, however this is not the place to present this subject more analytically.


And all the above started from the small Greek domain, with the spiritual cooperation of Ioannis and Anastasia.



The apprenticeship in this Work is given directly from the Logos.

God itself is struggling within the Creation for its evolution and is seeking in this struggle as coworkers those humans who have awakened and recognized their godhood.

That is why it is teaching its disciples their true relationship with the divine, with other humans and the world, as well as the stages of the way that lead to the human-god. It strives to turn them into sources of light and love, as it itself is.

Therefore, the foundations of our apprenticeship are the following:

• The effort, through conscious faith, to recognize our divine nature.

• The effort to experience through our activated divine nature the Logos as our Self, with no distances between us.

• The responsibility to draw from the grace and life of the Logos and, as One Self with it, to bless the change of humanity’s condition, aiming to promote the divine plan.

• The daily alertness to see other humans as our own self.

• The struggle to change our self through self-awareness, with inner vigilance and honest self-criticism.

• Studying and trying to experience in our lives the teaching of the Logos.

The Logos itself is naturally supporting our apprenticeship without fail, nurturing us with its warmth, offering experiences of intimacy with it, with inspiration and joy, prompting us to attract and diffuse light and love, and with constant guidance of the self-awareness processes that take place within us. But also in many occasions being strict towards us, in order to protect us when our actions do not correspond to the necessities of the new stages of the way.

All the above are part of a long-running spiritual path, since the transformation of the human being of the Earth to human-god needs to run its course – something that unfortunately discourages many people, who easily find in the modern metaphysics narrative an abundance of “spiritual” methods that offer crash courses on fast-track development…

However, the way towards love and unity is neither a simple nor an easy endeavor.

We humans of this planet are born within division, it seems absolutely natural to us to judge others, to talk in demeaning or disdaining ways. We are full of prejudice, our words, thoughts and emotions bind others and us, and we have a strong inclination to usually vindicate ourselves…

Hence, the apprenticeship cannot but be practical, in the daily life: prayer, attitude change, cleaning up ourselves and others from our emanations, forgiving, unbinding…

The apprentice makes her effort, she struggles and fails, has achievements and faces defeats, is tormented by toxic behaviors, forgives and the next day rages once more, learns how to handle grace but also makes mistakes, faces her own egoism, who is trying to co-opt her virtues, the light and every step down the path, and whispers in her ear megalomaniac fantasies about “chosen ones”; the apprentice neglects introspection, and many times remains stagnant at the critical juncture – what hope lies ahead?

Well, if the apprentice puts her heart for humanity and wishes to be a worker, despite all the trials, she will see herself move onward.

Why? Because the presence and the heart of Ioannis and the Mother pulsate within us.
Because they love us much more than we can love ourselves; because they guide us all the time and they lift us when we fall. Because the Logos calls us its own self and leaves no distance between us.


None of the above takes place without prayer and a request to receive guidance; and nothing takes place aiming solely for the individual

The path towards the Human God is walked with the exclusive aim of turning oneself to the maximum extent possible a servant of humanity.

And it is not a solitary path. Although it takes place within our daily inner and outer lives, it needs participation in group gatherings.

There, the apprentice learns how to accept and love others and himself as they are, exchange and transfer of experience takes place, and the light being born by the apprentices through their union with the Logos is multiplied and being diffused to affect as much as possible the current difficult circumstances on the planet.

On the brotherhood of light

On the brotherhood of light

In every era there were those who sacrificed themselves consciously and repeatedly for humanity.

Thus, their evolution reached a remarkably high degree of altruism, love and wisdom, and their actions in History left high imprints in the collective consciousness.

Some of them, instead of departing for higher worlds, as they have a right to do – and as most do –, remain on Earth to help humanity with its evolution. They form the Brotherhood of Light, for which we present here a few words by one of its members, who is called the Tibetan:

In every race and nation (…) men have found the Path to God; they have trodden it and accepted its conditions, endured its disciplines, rested back in confidence upon its realities, received its rewards and found their goal. Arrived there, they (…) dwelt in the glory of the divine Presence, and then returned to the ways of men, to serve.
Their great Master is the Christ;

That last statement indicates that the Logos who became human, and which we saw in Christ, concerned every soul on this world and not only within Christianity. It shows that he affected with his sacrificial love the great mystics of all esoteric religious and spiritual currents, and that they accepted him as their great Teacher.

The Brotherhood of Light enacts a constant struggle for humanity’s evolution, intervening protectively or by initiating series of events in History.

The coordinators of the Brotherhood of Light are three: Koot Hoomi, who had pre-existed as Pythagoras and then as John, Christ’s beloved disciple; Jacob, John’s brother at that time, who is known in esoteric circles as Morya; finally, St. Germain, a person well-known to spiritual seekers.

Let us quote here a few references from the four volumes of Supermundane, which were given in 1938 via Helena Roerich and are comprised of teachings by Morya:

We learn from these references a few things that characterize the earthly experience of all the evolved members of the Brotherhood, men and women. Morya, for instance, is asking Helena Roerich, referring to the men and women who at that time constituted their community:

(…) can you name even one Sister or Brother who was not subjected to tortures and persecutions in earthly life? Truly, none can be named. (…) There were Those who were burned at the stake, crucified, beheaded, strangled, killed by beasts, sold into slavery, poisoned, or cast into prison (…).

As we mentioned, those members of the Brotherhood could have left for other, far-off worlds, where the woes of Earth do not exist. However, their choice was different. They are therefore present in the world (We have established as law the idea that power lies in sacrifice, says Morya), either acting directly within society or by inspiring and guiding from afar:

Our Brotherhood could not have existed without a full experience of earthly conditions.
Alas, people have too often pictured Us as celestial beings, but nothing good can be derived from such an idea, for it appears to isolate Us from Earth.
We are in the midst of the world’s events (…). (…) some people have strong ideas about Us and think of Us as beautiful angels, dwelling in the clouds and playing harps!
It can be said about Our Abode that there are no illnesses there, yet there is much suffering. This is unavoidable when one works for and helps humanity.

Speaking about the toil of the Brotherhood’s members due to the dark emanations of mankind, Morya will say the following in the book Fiery World:

The accumulations around the planet are a most condensed mass. (…) The aura of the planet collects all the energies which constitute the essential manifestations of mankind. Therefore, the purification of space is a task of prime importance on the path to the Fiery World.
(…) humanity is ailing with these horrible ulcers and We are obliged to exhude bloody sweat in corrective measures. This is the state of tension in which the Hierarchy of Light works. Verily, bloody sweat covers Our brow.

This does not mean that the Brotherhood of Light regards the spiritual path as torturous. On the contrary, it knows from experience that the unavoidable trials and deprivations can be perceived from a totally different outlook and be experienced with a spirit of joy:

Testing and privation. How solemnly and pompously people deck out these concepts! But you know that testing is the improvement of quality and privation the acquirement of possibilities.(…) The suffering of privations is unknown to Us, for containment excludes privation. Our Teaching represents the world as rich, joyous and attractive. Nowhere are fetters and floggings indicated.

The spiritual coordinators of the Brotherhood of Light, in tune with the Logos, assisted Ioannis during the 1970s, in his precursory stages, and withdrew from the forefront when he started the Work of the manifestation of the Logos from humans.

They returned in open cooperation with the Work, under the guidance of Ioannis and the Mother through Anastasia, in 2006 when, based on the divine plan, a number of forces hostile to humanity had to be fended off and at the same time attracted towards the light. The Brotherhood had age-long experience in facing those forces, therefore it was natural that it was placed in the front line of this long struggle – with Koot Hoomi in charge, always through the union with the Logos and through the pioneering spiritual functions that the Work presented through Ioannis.

This cooperation continues to this day, and has produced an important work for the change of our world, visible to those with access to the inner worlds.



In these times, where humanity seems to have lost again its way and Earth has troubles breathing, we listen carefully to the roots of God’s presence inside of us urging towards a struggle to change things.

The spiritual arms of this struggle, the energies deriving from grace, the fighting love, are directed towards the energetic accumulations of human negativity, rupture and transubstantiate them, they open up way for light to pass through, for brotherhood to be cemented within the collective consciousness, and from there flow and strengthen itself in every individual consciousness.

Those whose hearts concur are welcome.