On the brotherhood of light
On the brotherhood of light

On the brotherhood of light

In every era there were those who sacrificed themselves consciously and repeatedly for humanity.

Thus, their evolution reached a remarkably high degree of altruism, love and wisdom, and their actions in History left high imprints in the collective consciousness.

Some of them, instead of departing for higher worlds, as they have a right to do – and as most do –, remain on Earth to help humanity with its evolution. They form the Brotherhood of Light, for which we present here a few words by one of its members, who is called the Tibetan:

In every race and nation (…) men have found the Path to God; they have trodden it and accepted its conditions, endured its disciplines, rested back in confidence upon its realities, received its rewards and found their goal. Arrived there, they (…) dwelt in the glory of the divine Presence, and then returned to the ways of men, to serve.
Their great Master is the Christ;

That last statement indicates that the Logos who became human, and which we saw in Christ, concerned every soul on this world and not only within Christianity. It shows that he affected with his sacrificial love the great mystics of all esoteric religious and spiritual currents, and that they accepted him as their great Teacher.

The Brotherhood of Light enacts a constant struggle for humanity’s evolution, intervening protectively or by initiating series of events in History.

The coordinators of the Brotherhood of Light are three: Koot Hoomi, who had pre-existed as Pythagoras and then as John, Christ’s beloved disciple; Jacob, John’s brother at that time, who is known in esoteric circles as Morya; finally, St. Germain, a person well-known to spiritual seekers.

Let us quote here a few references from the four volumes of Supermundane, which were given in 1938 via Helena Roerich and are comprised of teachings by Morya:

We learn from these references a few things that characterize the earthly experience of all the evolved members of the Brotherhood, men and women. Morya, for instance, is asking Helena Roerich, referring to the men and women who at that time constituted their community:

(…) can you name even one Sister or Brother who was not subjected to tortures and persecutions in earthly life? Truly, none can be named. (…) There were Those who were burned at the stake, crucified, beheaded, strangled, killed by beasts, sold into slavery, poisoned, or cast into prison (…).

As we mentioned, those members of the Brotherhood could have left for other, far-off worlds, where the woes of Earth do not exist. However, their choice was different. They are therefore present in the world (We have established as law the idea that power lies in sacrifice, says Morya), either acting directly within society or by inspiring and guiding from afar:

Our Brotherhood could not have existed without a full experience of earthly conditions.
Alas, people have too often pictured Us as celestial beings, but nothing good can be derived from such an idea, for it appears to isolate Us from Earth.
We are in the midst of the world’s events (…). (…) some people have strong ideas about Us and think of Us as beautiful angels, dwelling in the clouds and playing harps!
It can be said about Our Abode that there are no illnesses there, yet there is much suffering. This is unavoidable when one works for and helps humanity.

Speaking about the toil of the Brotherhood’s members due to the dark emanations of mankind, Morya will say the following in the book Fiery World:

The accumulations around the planet are a most condensed mass. (…) The aura of the planet collects all the energies which constitute the essential manifestations of mankind. Therefore, the purification of space is a task of prime importance on the path to the Fiery World.
(…) humanity is ailing with these horrible ulcers and We are obliged to exhude bloody sweat in corrective measures. This is the state of tension in which the Hierarchy of Light works. Verily, bloody sweat covers Our brow.

This does not mean that the Brotherhood of Light regards the spiritual path as torturous. On the contrary, it knows from experience that the unavoidable trials and deprivations can be perceived from a totally different outlook and be experienced with a spirit of joy:

Testing and privation. How solemnly and pompously people deck out these concepts! But you know that testing is the improvement of quality and privation the acquirement of possibilities.(…) The suffering of privations is unknown to Us, for containment excludes privation. Our Teaching represents the world as rich, joyous and attractive. Nowhere are fetters and floggings indicated.

The spiritual coordinators of the Brotherhood of Light, in tune with the Logos, assisted Ioannis during the 1970s, in his precursory stages, and withdrew from the forefront when he started the Work of the manifestation of the Logos from humans.

They returned in open cooperation with the Work, under the guidance of Ioannis and the Mother through Anastasia, in 2006 when, based on the divine plan, a number of forces hostile to humanity had to be fended off and at the same time attracted towards the light. The Brotherhood had age-long experience in facing those forces, therefore it was natural that it was placed in the front line of this long struggle – with Koot Hoomi in charge, always through the union with the Logos and through the pioneering spiritual functions that the Work presented through Ioannis.

This cooperation continues to this day, and has produced an important work for the change of our world, visible to those with access to the inner worlds.