The apprenticeship in this Work is given directly from the Logos.

God itself is struggling within the Creation for its evolution and is seeking in this struggle as coworkers those humans who have awakened and recognized their godhood.

That is why it is teaching its disciples their true relationship with the divine, with other humans and the world, as well as the stages of the way that lead to the human-god. It strives to turn them into sources of light and love, as it itself is.

Therefore, the foundations of our apprenticeship are the following:

• The effort, through conscious faith, to recognize our divine nature.

• The effort to experience through our activated divine nature the Logos as our Self, with no distances between us.

• The responsibility to draw from the grace and life of the Logos and, as One Self with it, to bless the change of humanity’s condition, aiming to promote the divine plan.

• The daily alertness to see other humans as our own self.

• The struggle to change our self through self-awareness, with inner vigilance and honest self-criticism.

• Studying and trying to experience in our lives the teaching of the Logos.

The Logos itself is naturally supporting our apprenticeship without fail, nurturing us with its warmth, offering experiences of intimacy with it, with inspiration and joy, prompting us to attract and diffuse light and love, and with constant guidance of the self-awareness processes that take place within us. But also in many occasions being strict towards us, in order to protect us when our actions do not correspond to the necessities of the new stages of the way.

All the above are part of a long-running spiritual path, since the transformation of the human being of the Earth to human-god needs to run its course – something that unfortunately discourages many people, who easily find in the modern metaphysics narrative an abundance of “spiritual” methods that offer crash courses on fast-track development…

However, the way towards love and unity is neither a simple nor an easy endeavor.

We humans of this planet are born within division, it seems absolutely natural to us to judge others, to talk in demeaning or disdaining ways. We are full of prejudice, our words, thoughts and emotions bind others and us, and we have a strong inclination to usually vindicate ourselves…

Hence, the apprenticeship cannot but be practical, in the daily life: prayer, attitude change, cleaning up ourselves and others from our emanations, forgiving, unbinding…

The apprentice makes her effort, she struggles and fails, has achievements and faces defeats, is tormented by toxic behaviors, forgives and the next day rages once more, learns how to handle grace but also makes mistakes, faces her own egoism, who is trying to co-opt her virtues, the light and every step down the path, and whispers in her ear megalomaniac fantasies about “chosen ones”; the apprentice neglects introspection, and many times remains stagnant at the critical juncture – what hope lies ahead?

Well, if the apprentice puts her heart for humanity and wishes to be a worker, despite all the trials, she will see herself move onward.

Why? Because the presence and the heart of Ioannis and the Mother pulsate within us.
Because they love us much more than we can love ourselves; because they guide us all the time and they lift us when we fall. Because the Logos calls us its own self and leaves no distance between us.


None of the above takes place without prayer and a request to receive guidance; and nothing takes place aiming solely for the individual

The path towards the Human God is walked with the exclusive aim of turning oneself to the maximum extent possible a servant of humanity.

And it is not a solitary path. Although it takes place within our daily inner and outer lives, it needs participation in group gatherings.

There, the apprentice learns how to accept and love others and himself as they are, exchange and transfer of experience takes place, and the light being born by the apprentices through their union with the Logos is multiplied and being diffused to affect as much as possible the current difficult circumstances on the planet.